Medical Acupuncture with Sattva

A unique procedure designed to specifically target and restore muscle function. Medical Acupuncture also known as "Dry Needling" emphasises on tissue healing and restoration of normal tissue function. This is important as continual activity with poor muscle function may lead to further damage and increased pain. When combined with conventional treatment options, dry needling can be a powerful method to accelerate pain reduction, healing and the restoration of muscle function and mobility.

Dry needling is the use of a very fine, solid filament needle to cause a small, specific injury in the tissue when it enters the body. The tiny needling activity induces injury signals which the brain uses to initiate a sequence of events to replace or repair the damaged tissue with new, healthy tissue.
Needling in a painful trigger point or muscular knot frequently provokes a “twitch” response from the muscle. Once provoked, the muscle fibres in that area relax, inflammation is reduced and circulation improves.

As a result of these physiological processes, dry needling can specifically address muscle, tendon and myofascial pain and dysfunction.